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Shirley Caesar

Greater Day

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Greene Sisters

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Loving You

Music Marketing Strategies That Drive Great Value to Our Clients

We build game-changing music marketing strategies for our clients through branding, marketing, and partnerships.

Why Us?

  • Operations and Production: We have a team of digital operations and physical production experts managing our partner’s digital content and physical inventory to be set up, formatted and optimized properly, so your music reaches as many destinations as possible, in the most efficient and transparent way available.
  • Sales And Marketing: Our dedicated sales & marketing team focuses on making sure your content receives maximum exposure by creating impactful campaigns and executing them via excellent direct relationships with hundreds of digital and physical outlets worldwide.
  • Video: Vast network of streaming and download retailers including VEVO, Muzu, NetFlix and Vidzone.
  • Youtube: We handle the entire process for you, from managing daily claiming tasks all the way through complicated rights management issues.
  • Project Management: Marketing, timeline, budgets, distribution, hired teams, advertising, pre-order retail, brand integration and more.
  • Promotion: Build radio, video promotion plan & budget, hire teams manage efforts and drive ads.
  • Sync Licensing: Placements include TV, Film, Trailer, Commercial, Game, Apps and much more.
  • Marketing: Oversee or assist with social networks, online marketing, brand integration, technology, tour marketing & development.
  • Publicity: Work with a wide variety of external PR companies & find the best match for each campaign.