Sonorous Records Scheduled To Release 3 New Singles

Sonorous Records Scheduled To Release 3 New Singles



TORONTO – Oct. 13, 2018 – PRLog — Sonorous Records Inc. has scheduled three new releases for the third week of October.  This is part of our program that focuses on upcoming independent artists.  The program will be phased out gradually starting next year.

Scheduled new singles are:
The Loop by the Plants.  Singer songwriters Alex and Gabriel collaborate to create the experimental music that is Plants. This duo from Vancouver, BC has been working out of their home studio creating a garage style sound inspired by artists from the psychedelic era. Plants set out to break the boundaries of genres to find a sound that layers in complexion and spawns soundscapes that leave room for the imagination of the listener.
Round and Round by Billy Ross.  “I just want to bring love back to songs, real love, 50-50 love, genuine respect for women, life, just clean songs of substance” states Billy Ross.
Loving You by Bella.  Faith Gatewood AKA Bella is a Singer/ Songwriter born in Detroit, Michigan but grew up in Bay City, Michigan. Bella, have been singing and cultivating her talent since the age of six. Loving You, her new single showcases her talent and range.

About Sonorous

Sonorous Records Inc. is an independent music label. Offering full service benefits. We work with established artists as well as rising independent artists in all genres, seeking to break into the major scene.  Visit our website for more information and a roster list of artists.

At Sonorous we have a team of digital operations and physical production experts managing our partner’s digital content and physical inventory to be set up, formatted and optimized properly, so that your music reaches as many destinations as possible, in the most efficient and transparent way available.

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